Information for Artists



$50 per panel (Wai Art Group Members)

$75 per panel (Non Members)



Maximum 4 panels per artist

Panels are 1.2m wide by 2.4m high


Registration Monday 1st June 2020

Book panels – limited availability, first in first served

            Any further updates will be provided via Wai Art’s ‘Canvas’ newsletter

and our Facebook page

Wednesday 9th September

Pay for booked panels and hang your artworks between 9am to 5pm


Thursday 10th September

Big Wai Art Sale Gala Opening 5.30 – 7.30pm. Artists get two free tickets

Extra tickets $10 each


Friday 11th September – Sunday 13th September

The Big Wai Art Sale is open between 9am & 5pm daily

Unsold artworks may not be removed until after 5pm on Sunday


Monday 14th September

Pack out panels between 9am – 11am.  Your help is much appreciated!

There is a 10% commission on all artwork sales


Registrations open on Monday 1st June (and NOT before) ... you can register online, click the 'Register & Book Panels HERE' button (this will magically appear on said 1st June!!) and complete the form.  We will confirm all registrations/number of panels by email.

Use only the screws provided to hang your artworks and please be gentle – there may be other artists’ artworks hanging on the other side of your panel – too much rocking and thumping about might actually knock their artworks off, not to mention causing the artist considerable anxiety.  Also be careful not to screw too far through the board.  There are extra screws, blutac, artwork label cards and pens available at the front desk.  Please return anything you don’t use to the front desk.

Make sure your artwork labels have the same information as the back of your artwork – we check to make sure the artwork matches the label.  If you discount your artworks over the course of the sale, make sure you adjust the price on the back of the artwork too.

Happy punters are buying punters so please be charming at all times.  Visitors are allowed to take photos for spousal approval and don’t have to ask permission.

Tea, coffee and snacks will be available in the ‘Diva Room’.  If you would like to use this we would appreciate a packet of biscuits to add to the snacks available.  Please keep all food and drink in this area only, to protect the artworks, this includes takeaway coffee.  You are most welcome to bring your lunch and eat it in the Diva Room.

We would really appreciate it if you could volunteer some time to help with the BWAS, there is volunteer information and a roster at the front desk.

The Gala Opening on Thursday 10th September starts at 5.30pm.  (Extra tickets available at $10 each).  A plate of savoury finger food would be much appreciated.  If time is limited, then a packet of crackers or a brie or camembert cheese would be perfect – you can hand these to the bar staff on opening night. 


We endeavour to pay you for sold artworks as soon as possible.  If you have provided us with your bank account details then it will be even quicker.  If you have not been paid by the end of September please contact Robyn.

Please do not remove your artworks till at least 5pm on Sunday 13th September.  


Please refer any issues to Robyn Cherry-Campbell, coordinator The Big Wai Art Sale. 


Best wishes for lots of artwork sales!  


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